Monday, November 28, 2011

Ron Butler, president of the Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corporation, announces meeting at 9 a.m. Saturday before the Wreathes Across American ceremony begins at 10 a.m.

  • Agenda for RNCIC Meeting, 10 Dec at Fayetteville National Cemetery‏

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Hi All - Here is the proposed agenda for a very short RNCIC meeting (To be held
at the Director's Building at the Fayetteville National Cemetery; time to be announced)

Pledge of Allegiance


Review minutes of October meeting

Treasurer's Report
        Gift of $20,000
         Other gifts

                          OLD BUSINESS
Recap of the 5K Race (Wes)
Other Old Business?

                          NEW BUSINESS
Membership (we have 13 paid memberships- where are the rest?)
Next meeting 14 Jan 2012 at Legion Post 127; 10:30
Other new business?

From: Ronald Butler

On Saturday, 10 December, the local Chapter of 'Combat Veterans Motorcycle
Riders' will present a donation to the RNCIC. Here are the details:
      * The donation event will take place just outside the Front Gate of the 
Fayetteville National Cemetery,  beginning at 9:00. At the conclusion of the
donation event, the RNCIC will have a very short meeting (perhaps 15 minutes);
therefore I'd like to have as many of our members present as can make it. The
more the better !!!
    * The 'Wreaths Across America' Ceremony begins at 10:00 (I expect up near
the Installation Flagpole), so we should have adequate time for the meeting.
    * If you've attended this event in years past, you know reasonably close
parking will be at a premium, so I suggest coming a little earlier than 9:00.
I'll have a very short agenda ready for distribution in the next day or so.(Hope
the weather will be OK - if not, we may cancel the meeting). The Nominating
Committee will have met & established a slate of candidates for the 2012 RNCIC
election at the 14 January meeting. If not, perhaps you can get that done also
on 10 Dec.
Thanks to You all,

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