Saturday, March 14, 2015

U.S. Army veteran celebrates 87th birthday with fellow members of the group that raises money to expand the Fayetteville National Cemetery

Harold Crivello celebrates 87th birthday on March 14, 2015, during monthly meeting of Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corporation. He served in Japan and in Korea, where he was wounded and had to remain hospitalized for months. He has been a volunteer and donor to the effort to expand the Fayetteville National Cemetery for many years.…

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

RNCIC agenda 14 March 2015

RNCIC Agenda for March 14 meeting‏

RNCIC Agenda for March 14 meeting

4:02 PM
To: Lauren Hawkins, Cliff Madewell, Jim Glover, Gary Culp, Luverne Indorf, Steve Isaacson, Terry Hunt, Renee Hunt, Frank Burggraf, Ed and Angie Baker, Tom Ruck, Pete Hieronimus, Ron Butler, Lorna Sterrett, Jake Lamkins, Harold Crivello, Peggy, Roger McClain, Budd Saunders, Merle Williams, Aubrey Shepherd, Wes Stites, Josh Sakon, Willis (Mac) Cooper
P. O. Box 4221 – Fayetteville, AR  72702
AGENDA FOR THE  MARCH 14, 2015, MEETING  -  10:00 a.m.
Call to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Welcome to new members and guests
Approval of February 2015 Minutes
Approval of February 2015 Financial Statement
Publicity Report
Web Master’s Report
History Project  (Committee will meet after meeting)
2014 Veterans 5K Race – Summary Report information

2015 financial planning
Property Boundary
Other old business
2015 Veterans 5K Race planning (draft organization chart)
Information from National Cemetery Admin.
Other new business
Members of the Board are urged to present any items of concern to the assembled Board for consideration. Please send your concerns to Ron by phone at 479-445-8336 or email at