Monday, October 15, 2012

Minutes of Oct. 13, 2012, RNCIC meeting: Planning for annual Veterans' 5 K starting and ending on Government Avenue at main entry to Fayetteville National Cemetery

Following are the minutes of the RNCIC meeting on Oct. 13, in order that you might review them in a more timely manner.   A reminder of the next meeting will be emailed one week prior to the next meeting date.
P.O. BOX 4221

Minutes from the OCTOBER 13, 2012, Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by President Ron Butler.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Harold offered the prayer.

Board members present were:  Ron Butler, Merle Williams, Lorna Sterrett, Harold Crivello, Jake Lamkins, Peggy McClain, Roger McClain, Aubrey Shepherd, and Wes Stites.  Board members absent:  Budd Saunders, Beverley Swaim, and Virginia Middleton.  Other RNCIC members present: None. Visitors present: None.

Minutes of the September meeting were presented.  Jake made the motion to accept the September minutes as written, it was seconded by Merle, and the vote was unanimous.  The September 30, 2012, Financial Statement was presented with an ending balance of $11, 055.56.   Roger made the motion to accept the financial statement as corrected to include a $1,000 race donation from the Bella Vista Chapter of MOAA, it was seconded by Peggy, and the vote was unanimous.

Jake gave a report on the Web site.  There have been a total of 2,104 hits to date, which is up 46 from last month. 

Jake reported on behalf of the Nominating Committee.  Four members of the RNCIC Board of Directors have terms expiring at the January 2013 annual meeting:  Jake Lamkins, Peggy McClain, Lorna Sterrett, and Wes Stites.  All four are currently RNCIC members and are willing to serve a new three year term on the Board. 

Therefore, the Nominating Committee submitted the following four names as nominees for three year terms (2013-2015) contingent upon maintaining their RNCIC membership:  Jake Lamkins, Peggy McClain, Lorna Sterrett, and Wes Stites.

In the event of a Board vacancy the Nominating Committee submits the name of Jim Glover as a nominee for the vacant position with the same membership requirements as above.  Roger made the motion to accept the Nominating Committee’s report, it was seconded by Merle, and the vote was unanimous.


Ron gave a final report on the former Brantley property, Lots #20 and #20A.  The house has been removed.  The cement blocks, the pipes, and the driveway are all removed, and the lot is totally leveled.

The Wiener Dog Race was discussed.  Due to the weather the Bella Vista race was postponed from Oct. 6 to Oct. 13, making it impossible for any members to attend and observe the race this year. 

Ron received word that Ms. Lynn Harrison is retiring from the VA on Sept. 30, and Mr. Ed Swift will be our new contact at the VA in Washington.  Due to some problems with contracting, the VA had to start over with the Due Diligence.  Ron will continue to stay in touch with Mr. Swift with the hopes of still having a May 2013 transfer ceremony.

Wes reported on the upcoming 5K Race to be held on November 10, 2012.  The brochures have been printed, the insurance has been purchased, and the permit will be filed with the city of Fayetteville this coming week.   The dog tags and race shirts are taken care of with printing of the shirts after Nov. 1. Aubrey displayed the neck lanyards and pins made by Hogeye for the runners as they cross the finish line. 

Merle will work with Wes on the newspaper and TV advertising.  Peggy will solicit Panera for pastries. Wes will contact Starbucks for coffee.  The remaining RNCIC members will contact local businesses for additional food donations and/or gift cards.  Members were advised to email the entire RNCIC listing when a sponsorship or prize donation is secured, so others will know who has been contacted and their results.


There was no new business to be discussed at this time.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45.  If members have any items to be discussed at next month’s meeting, please notify Ron Butler so they may be placed on the agenda.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorna Sterrett, Secretary

THE  NEXT  MEETING  WILL  COINCIDE  WITH  THE  5K  RACE  AT THE FAYETTEVILLE  NATIONAL  CEMETERY  ON  SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER  10, 2012, BEGINNING  AT  8:00 A.M.   RNCIC members are asked to be at the Cemetery gate by 7:00 – 7:30 unless your duties require an earlier time.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Cemetery Improvement Corporation agenda for October 13, 2012, meeting

Post Office Box 4221
Fayetteville, AR  72701
 13 October 2012 Agenda

Call to Order

Welcome to New Members & Guests

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes of the 8 September meeting

Treasurers Report



Final Status of Brantley property

‘Weiner Dog’ Race @ Bella Vista

Status of Land Transfer to VA

Veterans 5 KM Race - The remainder of this meeting is devoted to the Race;

          What has been done

          What remains to be done

          Who is responsible to accomplish

          Do we need a Special Meeting before the race

          Make notes for yourself so that we can assemble a useful ‘After-    Action’ Report for next year; suggested format -
                   What I did

                   Contacts made for Sponsors/Freebies/ etc. with results

                   What went well

                   What needs to be changed

                   Other useful information

          Can be handwritten; be ready to submit a copy to the Secretary at the          December/January meeting.


Any Essential New Business?

Motion to Adjourn