Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National Cemetery's eastern edges to be boxed in by huge apartment development in Fayetteville AR: See sample of pages from site below and tell me where the rain gardens, detention ponds and other stormwater features appear because I don't have all the pages but can't see them here; also, will building foundations require breaking into the subterranean caverns and how will the absorbent soil hold water when it is paved over for parking along the northern edge and how can Fayetteville allow this to happen near a major bedrock fault line and critical groundwater-recharge area? Not to mention the adjacent National Shrine that should be expanding eastward

National Cemetery set of photos on Flickr contains numerous photos on cemetery expansion plus Campus Crest plan to build student apartments on east side of national shrine. Also, Tanglewood Branch set on Flickr includes many photos of the sale-barn property immediately east of the National Cemetery where parking lots will cover wetland.
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5K set for Nov.  12, 2011

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Friday, October 7, 2011

National Cemetery fund-raisers' meeting begins at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, October 8, 2011, at American Legion Hut at 1195 S. Curtis Avenue between 15th St. and E. Huntsville Road

P.O. BOX 4221
Minutes from the SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by President Ron Butler. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Harold Crivello offered the prayer. Minutes of the August meeting were approved. The August 31 Financial Statement was approved with an ending balance of $11,301.62. There were 11 members present. Ron presented the first two Lifetime Memberships to Jake Lamkins and Lorna Sterrett respectively.
Merle Williams is preparing an estimated 20 minute power point to be used for group presentations. He asked for group input. Harold Crivello spoke to the Bentonville-Bella Vista Daybreak Rotary Club last month, and Merle will be speaking to the Noon Lions Club in Springdale on Sept. 21.
Jake Lamkins reported that there were 32 visitors to the web site since the last meeting with a total of 286 page visits. Jake continues to post current information, pictures, and articles to the web site.
Wes asked the members to email him as soon as donors are solicited so that he can prepare the final 5K Race Brochure noting the major donors. Draft literature is available for presentation to the public. Other matters are falling into place with the race only two months away. It was discussed that a thank you letter should go out after the race to the major sponsors/contributors. Peggy volunteered to prepare a spread sheet and letter with names and addresses secured from the checks received by the treasurer.
Ron thanked Peggy McClain for preparing the new property map.
                                     OLD BUSINESS
Lot #15 (Wilson) Two proposals were submitted for clearing Lot #15. Alex Mahler had the best price and capability for a cash price of $5,000. A start-up payment of $2,000 has been made with the $3,000 balance to be paid when an RNCIC inspection approves the work. A non-profit status form has been submitted to Fayetteville for Lot #15 and Lot #16, so the RNCIC is exempt from real estates taxes on those properties. Lots #16-18 are being mowed by the Cemetery crew.
All four lots (#15-18) are in the process of being re-platted, with a single property number, rather than four separate numbers. Carolyn Harrison, the VA contact, advises that they are getting their funding requirements together to send persons to Fayetteville for an environmental check, a title search, and neighborhood surveys. We will be notified in advance of their arrival. When the VA’s work is complete, the package goes to the Dept. of Justice for final approval.
Ron read a letter from Morrison & Shipley Engineers advising of the request for a “conditional use permit” from Campus Crest for a temporary leasing office on the sale barn property. The Fayetteville Planning Commission meets at 5:30 on Sept. 12 Ron has drawn up a draft and will present it at the next meeting for the future property acquisition plan (2011 thru’ 2020) to give a planned approach for the next targeted properties for purchase.
Ron suggested that the RNCIC find a way to show our appreciation to Jeff Whitmer at Lindsey Realty and to Bronson Abstract Co. for the free gratis work that they do for us. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to award them a certificate to show our appreciation. Peggy will work on this.
President Ron Butler appointed three members to comprise a Nominating Committee to prepare a slate of 12 candidates for the Board of Directors by the January meeting. Those appointed were Roger McClain, Jake Lamkins, and Beverley Swaim.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m. If members have any items to be discussed at the October meeting, please notify Ron Butler so they may be placed on the next meeting’s agenda.
Respectfully submitted,
Lorna Sterrett, Secretary