Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minutes of June 15, 2013, meeting of RNCIC in Fayetteville, Arkansas

P. O. Box 4221

Minutes from the June 15, 2013 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President, Ron Butler, at 10:30 a.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Harold Crivello offered the prayer.
Board members present: Ron Butler, Merle Williams, Harold Crivello, Lorna Sterrett, Gary Culp, Jim Glover, Jake Lamkins, Peggy McClain, Roger McClain, Budd Saunders, Aubrey Shepherd, and Wes Stites.  Board members absent:  None.  Other RNCIC members present:  None.  Visitors present: None. 
Minutes of the May meeting were presented.  Wes made the motion to accept the minutes as written, it was seconded by Jake, and the vote was unanimous. The May 31, 2013, Financial Statement was presented with an ending balance of $20,301.33.  Peggy made the motion to accept the financial statement as written, it was seconded by Jim, and the vote was unanimous.
Publicity --  Merle’s submission of the article and picture to the newspaper regarding the $500 donation from Bo’s Project and the $500 donation from the Fayetteville Rotary Club is still pending.  It was mentioned that it would be good to also acknowledge the Pea Ridge VFW Auxiliary for its donation of $2,500 to the RNCIC.
Web Site --  Jake reported that there were 31 visits to the web site this month.  Jake maintains the web site plus two Facebook sites for the RNCIC.  He will be posting new items from Memorial Day.
Memorial Day 2013 --  Five hundred brochures were printed and passed out at the Cemetery on Memorial Day.  There was a good response from the brochure distribution.  Ron Butler was praised for being the Keynote Speaker for the ceremony.  The Program/Bulletin was dedicated to the RNCIC and names of the members were listed.
5K  Race --  Wes encouraged the group to continue soliciting the major sponsorships and to share their contacts and results with the group. 
LAND  ACQUISITION  --  There was lengthy discussion about the focus of direction for land acquisition.  Wes stressed the importance of personal contact.
DOG  RACE  --  Harold is still working on details of a possible Dachshund race next year.   He will be meeting with the person in charge of the Bella Vista dog race to get more detailed information.
TRANSFER  OF  LAND  TO  THE  VA --   The environmental study and the survey have taken place this past week on the six lots.  It still looks favorable for the land transfer in early November in time for Veterans’ Day.
Lots 9, 9A, and 6 owned by Robert Jordan are available for sale at a revised asking price of $100,000.  After discussion Roger made the motion, it was seconded by Jim, and the vote was unanimous for Ron to contact Jeff Whitmer with Lindsey & Assoc. to begin negotiations and make an initial offer of $60,000-$70,000 for the three lots.  The house is in dire straits and would need demolition.
Jake made the motion to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Roger, and the meeting was closed at 11:45 a.m.  If members have suggestions for matters to be discussed at the July meeting, please notify Ron Butler at 479-445-8336 or via email.  Please don’t wait for the meeting; they need to be included in the meeting agenda.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorna Sterrett, Secretary