Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day at the Fayetteville National Cemetery: Information for those willing to volunteer beneath images

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Sent: 5/25/2011 10:04:11 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: reminder of Memorial Day
May 25, 2011
Memorial Day 2011
Hello to everyone, this is your reminder of the duties of Memorial Day.
This Saturday morning the 28 May we will meet at the National Cemetery in Fayetteville at 7 AM. We will install the large flags around the Avenue of flags. There has been an Eagle scout who made project of making all the receptacle’s able to receive a flagpole without a fight. I believe we will be able to to have all the flags up by eight o’clock. Mrs. Barbara Pixley will have hot dogs cooked up and Larry Nixon is going to bring a couple of tables and his turkey fryer and we will keep them hot in water. The only thing that is needed will be”ICE”,everyone bring a bag, Barbara has arranged for all condiments, bread, water, soda pops. They think the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and interested parties will be finishing the declaration of tombstones by 9:30 AM. That hour and a half would give us plenty of time to prepare and be ready to feed the volunteers. This would complete our duties until Monday morning.
Monday morning 30 May
The motorcycles will meet around the circle at the VA hospital by 8 AM. We will pick up newspapers and possibly small American flags at volunteer services, then assemble in the main waiting room of building one and deliver the paper and flags to the inpatients. You will have a short period of time to visit the patient’s. Please be sure and thank them for their service.
We have to be in line at the main gate at 0920. The Fayetteville Police Department will escort us to the National Cemetery. The first vehicle will be the flag trailer and truck. Then we can have six motorcycles that are flagged out behind the trailer three motorcycles, two abreast. When we hit Martin Luther King Blvd., those seven components will turn right and continue to follow the escort to Government Street.
The rest of the motorcycles and cars if any will continue down School Street to 11th St. Where we turn right on 11th Street, go to the old sale barn to park.
I am inclosing a couple of attachments. One of them is the program for Memorial Day the other is an invitation to participate, please hand out as many of these as you can this week. The program informs you of the start time, completion and what to expect in between. Please send a small write up about yourself if you are on this program. Sam has requested something so he can introduce you at the podium. This will be very helpful. It means the young ladies with buglers or reading a poem.
I have taking annual leave for Thursday and Friday. Don’t hesitate and get hold of me for chores or information. I was informed I cannot take Tuesday off to be able to help with retrieving the flags at 10 AM.
Sincerely yours,
Raymond Jones 479-409-8058

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