Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Northwest Arkansas TV stations finally noticing that Fayetteville City Council approved zoning of the former sale-barn property that allowed 4-story student apartments to be built next to the Fayetteville National Cemetery, one of the few such facilities in the U.S. to listed as a National Shrine

Please visit KNWA channel 29 Web site or watch for a rerun of a well-done segment on the subject early in the morning. The reporter interview Ron Butler, president of the Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corporation and Jeremy Pate of the Fayetteville Planning Department and at least one outraged veteran. Why didn't our local TV stations pick up this story a year ago and alert the public to the second attempt by the Campus Crest corporation to get approval of this project? We have had information online on the subject for several years now, and there were council meetings and planning meetings etc. on the subject. Just a bit late, but at least the truth will be told, after the fact. But MAYBE this will help some people who made bad decisions to rethink mistakes of the past and think more before pushing bad projects into neighborhoods. Direct link to video online.

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