Friday, March 16, 2012

John Cumpston drives down Government Avenue to visit the grave of his father, Milo Cumpston, on the 67th anniversary of Iwo Jima day and learns that student apartments are being built next to Fayetteville National Cemetery

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Here is a sample of comments people shared with me during the time the Campus Crest approval to build student apartments next to the National Cemetery was being considered by Fayetteville officials:
"Remember, I got one of the most aggressive & rude calls from a phone mill somewhere, from a man w/a Eureka Springs phone number who had a direct connection to our Fayetteville City Planning Department where I was ordered by the nasty man to tell them how much we, Fayetteville, needed this massive student housing project right next to our national cemetery. (Actually the guy didn't say that specifically because he couldn't even tell me where this wonderful much needed project was. When I asked him where it would be , he retorted, "the University of Arkansas Campus". When I told him he must be wrong about that, didn't really seem to know the facts, he got mad....But still, instant connection to a pleasant LIVE lady on our city offices phones..."

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