Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First burial at Fayetteville National Cemetery since apartment-developer's fence went up on the former Washington County Livestock Auction property to prevent access to the construction site for four-story buildings. For decades, visitors to the cemetery were allowed to park on a portion of the land

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE view of mourners' cars parked on Government Avenue, National Street and in the cemetery's driveway. Gotta wonder what a soldier's burial service will be like when the construction trucks and machines dominate the area and next August 15 when the students are expected to move into the apartments. And notice the trail in the riparian zone as an example of another instance of city-required paving of important wetland that currently helps protect the Beaver Lake watershed.

North is up in this drawing. The trail is shown running near the edge of the Tanglewood Branch and the national Cemetery is along the bottom borders of the drawing. 

Aerial view from above MLK Jr. Blvd (right bottom) and S. School Ave. (lower left) In 2010, the VA contractors expanding the cemetery to new land (middle right) rented part of the sale-barn property's wetland pasture to store material (reddish center of photo).

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