Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National Cemetery's eastern edges to be boxed in by huge apartment development in Fayetteville AR: See sample of pages from site below and tell me where the rain gardens, detention ponds and other stormwater features appear because I don't have all the pages but can't see them here; also, will building foundations require breaking into the subterranean caverns and how will the absorbent soil hold water when it is paved over for parking along the northern edge and how can Fayetteville allow this to happen near a major bedrock fault line and critical groundwater-recharge area? Not to mention the adjacent National Shrine that should be expanding eastward

National Cemetery set of photos on Flickr contains numerous photos on cemetery expansion plus Campus Crest plan to build student apartments on east side of national shrine. Also, Tanglewood Branch set on Flickr includes many photos of the sale-barn property immediately east of the National Cemetery where parking lots will cover wetland.
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5K set for Nov.  12, 2011

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