Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chance to visit with potential supporters of expansion of National Cemetery on holiday weekend

Hi All - Some time ago (March) I suggested that the RNCIC rent a table for the gun shows in the area, as a place to pass out literature and seek donations. Many of the attendees are ex-military, & good ole boys', the kind of patriotic folks that we need to reach. Yesterday I received a publication, listing a Show at the Springdale Convention Center on 2 & 3 July. I called the point of contact & received the following information:  The RNCIC is now on their list for a table (for both days)- the cost of which is zero, as long as we're not selling anything. (I told the lady that we're not selling, we're begging.)The set-up is Friday (1 July) from 12:00 to 8 PM.We should man the table from 0900 on Saturday 2 July, till 5 PM;on Sunday we should be there from 0900 till 4 PM.If possible, I'd like to have 3 people volunteer on Sat (9 to 12 & 12 to 5),and the same on Sunday (9 to 12 & 12 to 4).(I will be there anyway, so 3 volunteers will be enough each day)We should have a 'bunch' of brochures; perhaps a couple hundred? Also. any other items, such as photographs, news clippings, etc, items that reflect what we're doing.I have a couple boxes from Roger that have some stuff in them, & I'll see Gloria/Cris tomorrow to see if they have some items.    Will we make any money? I certainly don't know, but at least we can try, and the expenses will be minimal (your time).The publicity certainly can't hurt (and, yes, we should be prepared to accept cash donations, so we need to have some of the tax deduction forms (perhaps 25 or so?).If you'd like to volunteer for one or more periods, just let me know & I'll set it up. Call 479 750-2598 or 445-8336.Thanks,Ron

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