Saturday, December 12, 2009

Northern strip of wetland on National Cemetery property soon to be prepared for gravesites by government contractors for VA

National Cemetery wetland parking gone wrong

Aubrey james | MySpace Video

When a wrecker gets stuck, you know it wasn't a good place

Aubrey james | MySpace Video

This strip of land recently studied by the VA and its contractors is to be prepared for use by the cemetery. Obviously, it will have to be covered with several feet of additional soil so that graves will be above the flood level and will eliminate a significant part of the "critical groundwater recharge area" of the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River. Water that historically would have soaked in there will be forced to find new routes, and the amount of water forced to stay on the wooded wetland at right will be increased. Water running off that area already is piped to the Town Branch at the 11th Street bridge. The volume of water flowing south of that bridge toward 15th Street will be further increased and flash floods will be more dangerous to lives and property downstream.

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