Sunday, June 14, 2009

People whose loved ones are buried in the National Cemetery express strong feelings against apartment plan


  1. There is not a reason in the world that developers should be allowed to build cheep non green apartments next to the National Cemetery

  2. Everyone needs to get off the argument that it should be sold to the cemetery, which does not have the money to purchase it. This is not a legitimate reason to not rezone the property.

    You need to be focused on reasons not to - Campus Crest was defeated in Conway by traffic issues and safety - real and relevant reasons not to rezone property.

    Also, environmental considerations should be met - the cattle run through the sale barn were expeosed to arsenic for dipping - enviro reports should be required to be made public to ensure there is no danger in converting this to residential use.

    What about utilities? There is no way that the utilities at a cemetary and barn are sufficient for 500 kids apartments. Who is going to pay for all of these utilities? Whose property will these extensions run through? What is the environmental impact?

    What about stormwater? The impervious cover will increase 100x - how is this to be handles without negatively affecting the area?

    As regards the cemetery - what about a zoning text amendment to state that a certain level of density cannot be built within so many yards of a national park, shrine, or cemetery? The apartment proposal could be tabled long enough for this procedural method of zoning change to be implemented.

    Has anyone gotten statements from cemetery owners that are next to kids apartments about all of the havoc they wreak on the place - that's just a few phone calls to be made.

    Think people - this is the day that will live in infamy - if you do not stop this property from being developed today, it will be lost forever!